Construction Companies London

Construction has seen growth over the last few years, since the post-2008 recession. Across sectors, construction companies are showing profit and the residential home improvement sector is no different. 

The recession impacted the property market to a hugely detrimental effect. People re-evaluated how they invested and whether they were going to move house. Many elected to stay put during periods of downturn and uncertainty and when things picked up, instead of the expensive, risky business of buying and moving home, many opted to invest their money in home improvements. 

London was no exception – indeed, as property prices in London are far higher than the national average and the property market moves so much quicker, home improvements are often a favoured choice. Investing money, even the equivalent of what you would pay in stamp duty were you to move house, can impact the resale value of your home by double or more whatever the sum is you invest. 

Construction companies London, within the residential sector are plentiful. Do your research and ask for no-obligation quotes. If you can, get direct recommendations from friends (for example, has your neighbour in a similar property had the same extension done, or added that under stairs cloakroom, already? What did they pay and who did they use for the work?). Everybody hears horror stories about cowboy builders, but there are some fantastic and reputable construction companies London: do your homework. They may not be the cheapest, but workmanship, efficiency and quality of materials used is worth more than whatever you’ll save by going with a bad builder. 

Think also about whether you need a structural survey or an architect. If you’re installing a large, cast iron bathtub in an upstairs en suite, excavating basement areas, or live in a listed building, this may be wise, and you may need to also think about planning permission. Whatever you decide, do your research, check out past works and portfolios and develop a good working relationship with all of your contractors. You will likely be seeing a lot of them for a while, after all!